Higashiyama, Kanazawa.
In contrast to SyuAddIctIon, we named this place Syu-ya to allow visitors to enjoy a happy time in a traditional Japanese machiya setting. services offered here.

●”The Golden Cleopatra” Gold leaf facial




●Gold leaf facial pricing

50本 4,000yen
60本 4,500yen
70本 5,000yen
80本 5,600yen
90本 6,000yen
100本 6,300yen
110本 6,600yen
120本 6,900yen
つけ放題(170本以下) 8,200yen
つけ放題(無制限) 10,800yen
学割(140本以下) 8,200yen→4,000yen

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●Gypsum facial


●Gypsum facial pricing

Gypsum facial 4,860yen

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●Eyelash pricing

50本 4,000yen
60本 4,500yen
70本 5,000yen
80本 5,600yen
90本 6,000yen
100本 6,300yen
110本 6,600yen
120本 6,900yen
All you can wear (Maximum of 170) 8,200yen
All you can wear (Unlimited) 10,800yen
Student discount (Maximum of 140) 8,200yen→4,000yen

The student discount can be used multiple times. (Under 24 years old and requires a student ID)


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●Lower Eyelash

In addition to regular eyelashes, you can look more beautiful without makeup by adding lower eyelashes. Of course, the hassle of applying makeup every day will be lessened as well.

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●Lower eyelash pricing

10本 1,100yen
30本 3,200yen
40本 4,500yen
All you can wear 5,900yen
Remove (off) 1,300yen
1-hour repair 4,500yen

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The eyelash treatments are aplied through the SyuA brand.


●hair removal services

We came up with a plan that fixed things that concerned us when we visited other stores.
If any of these apply to you, you might want to consult with us!
× Treatments with limited effects
× Expensive plans
× Additional costs
× Difficult to make reservations
× Getting many treatments at different salons
× Unsanitary conditions
× Reused towels
× Sessions take too long
× Completion takes too long
× Long gap until next session
× Painful treatments
× Varied skill among staff members
× Persistent solicitation
× Old or foreign machines causing anxiety

If you’re thinking of hair removal and if any of the below apply to you, it’s time to consult us.
✔️Effective treatments
✔️Treatments that work on sunburnt or sensitive skin
✔️Affordable pricing
✔️No additional costs
✔️Easy to make reservations
✔️Various other options available in the same store
✔️Clean and sanitary conditions
✔️Take home the sanitary amenities as a gift
✔️New towels every time
✔️Treatment sessions are short
✔️Short gaps until your next session
✔️Short period until you finish
✔️No pain
✔️Uniform skill due to training and education
✔️No persistent solicitation
✔️Board certified
✔️Insurance accepted
✔️Latest machines are produced domestically.

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